Gable End blinds

Modern construction methods and new attic roof truss designs have allowed us to create wonderful open plan spaces using the full height of your building, replacing bricks and mortar with glazing and steel.

Glazed gable windows are very often constructed with one or two triangles, a notoriously challenging shape to shade with curtains. Choosing curtains for your gable end windows can often look like an afterthought rather than a striking design statement elevating your interior.

At Finnestra we have been designing and installing “Bottom Up” motorised blinds for a variety of clients for over 20 years. Whether you have residential or commercial space we have the dedication, expertise and attention to detail to give your gable end window the shading solution it deserves.

Alongside the standard visible blind installation, if we are involved early enough in the construction process we can provide blinds that are completely concealed by the floor or windowsill when not in use. This can truly provide the best of both worlds, delivering shade practicality without sacrificing the open and airy feel of the window. Ask your architect or builder to get in touch with our team before construction commences for the best results.

Whatever your gable end shading requirements we will assist and project manage your ”Grand Design” and installation with the utmost care and attention.

If you have a Gable end window that you’re planning to install or are struggling to shade your new designer window get in touch with Finnestra today using the details below.

We offer a free initial consultation and invite bids to tender and can also help in building detailed specifications for onward tender through the Architectural Services team.

Featured Case Studies
University Case Study

The Client was impacted by high heat levels throughout the summer.  The vast glass area acted as a greenhouse making it uncomfortable for students, visitors and employees.

Featured Case Studies
Famous Fashion Designer Case Study

Finnestra was called into the Head Office of this prestigious fashion designer in London. The Client had a number of motorised roof blinds that had failed. We were recommended to the client by a main contractor as in their opinion Finnestra are the experts in this type of blind.

Featured Case Studies
External Shaped Blind Case Study

With a large irregular shaped window, the client wanted a shading solution for their bedroom, to completely block the light.

Featured Case Studies
Outdoor Printed Blinds Case Study

The client wanted to enclosed an outdoor terrace space with timber doors but faced opposition from the local authority.

Featured Case Studies
Primary School Case Study

Finnestra was called into a community Primary school to update their window dressings throughout. The Client had a number of blinds that had failed and the existing curtain was very dated.

Featured Case Studies
Sun Room Roof Case Study

As with many modern homes, sun rooms are now been adapted to daily living spaces to expand on usable space and negate the need to move.

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