Oversized Blinds

At Finnestra, we specialise in working outside of the box. Whether it be a full glass facade with external shading or a single large blind for a gable end, we have it covered!

Although beautiful, large windows often pose challenges for heat gain and reflected light inside a building, making living and working inside them an issue, particularly in the summer months.

This issue can easily be controlled in smaller windows via curtains and blinds but providing the same coverage for large spans of glass is not often as straightforward. Many of our industry colleagues are limited by the size and scope of their equipment and supply partners: the largest blind most UK factories can produce measures 3m x 4m.

Anything larger than this typically results in a patchwork of many smaller blinds which can lead to unsightly gaps in the fabric and work against the heat and light prevention in a way that a single piece of fabric will not.

Over the years we have partnered with many architects to assist in the creation and installation of oversized blinds. These blinds are built to custom dimensions up to 6m wide with a 30m drop and can be fully tensioned, geared and motorised.

Finnestra can also manufacture Bottom Up floor concealed blinds up to 6m wide x 6m drop, internally or externally installed side-opening blinds up to 10m wide (ideal for curtain wall systems) and triangular tensioned blinds up to 6m wide and 15m high perfect for domed glazed structures often found in airports, shopping centres and landmark civic developments such as theatres and hospitals.

We love working with architects to manage big and technically challenging designs and work hard to provide the perfect blinds for their clients. For more information about our oversized blinds or to discuss your latest project, get in touch with the team at Finnestra today.

Featured Case Studies
University Case Study

The Client was impacted by high heat levels throughout the summer.  The vast glass area acted as a greenhouse making it uncomfortable for students, visitors and employees.

Featured Case Studies
Famous Fashion Designer Case Study

Finnestra was called into the Head Office of this prestigious fashion designer in London. The Client had a number of motorised roof blinds that had failed. We were recommended to the client by a main contractor as in their opinion Finnestra are the experts in this type of blind.

Featured Case Studies
External Shaped Blind Case Study

With a large irregular shaped window, the client wanted a shading solution for their bedroom, to completely block the light.

Featured Case Studies
Outdoor Printed Blinds Case Study

The client wanted to enclosed an outdoor terrace space with timber doors but faced opposition from the local authority.

Featured Case Studies
Primary School Case Study

Finnestra was called into a community Primary school to update their window dressings throughout. The Client had a number of blinds that had failed and the existing curtain was very dated.

Featured Case Studies
Sun Room Roof Case Study

As with many modern homes, sun rooms are now been adapted to daily living spaces to expand on usable space and negate the need to move.

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