University Case Study

With over 18,000 students from across 152 countries this prestigeous university tasked Finnestra with reducing heat levels through the summer months in the reception attrium whilst maintaining the benefit of being able to view the outside world when the blinds are deployed

The Client was impacted by high heat levels throughout the summer.  The vast glass area acted as a greenhouse making it uncomfortable for students, visitors and employees.

High Level Glass would require specialist access equipment and careful co-oridination in this busy reception area.

Our Solution was to supply and install Oversized Motorised blinds with a high performance fabric using a technical screen fabric to reduce the heat gain.   To enable this solution a full scaffold frame was built whilst maintaing access routes into the building

The benefits to the client were reduction in energy costs all year round with striking visual effects whilst making the interior temperature and solar gains manageablefor the students staff and visitors.  The attrium reception also benefitted from improved accoustics, solar and glare control all at the touch of a button.

For over 10 years, we've been developing high performance large format blinds for clients and contractors.  Our mission is to provide companies with cutting edge products that improve employee welfare and performance

Helen Walker - Finnestra Concept Ltd