About Us

Unique Shading Solutions for all buildings.

Finnestra Blinds is a family run company that serves both the Residential and Commercial Sectors for what you would recognise as Standard Blinds.

We also through our expertise and experience create highly technical engineering solutions for “Unique Shading Challenges”.

Formed in 2016 as a subsidiary of Simplicity Blinds Limited, Finnestra aims to serve those clients who have either large volume projects with challenging logistics or unique or unusual shading challenges not generally served by the blind industry.

Our team include some of the very best and most experienced Blind and Automation experts in the industry.

We have delivered some of the most technically challenging projects ever seen in our industry including -

  • The Design, Manufacture, Installation and Project Management of a large volume commercial blind project for an online retail giant. With complex and challenging logistical schedules in the UK and Europe. We successfully installed on time to all 7 locations with over 1000 blinds per site.
  • Uniquely Shaped and Bottom Up Blinds for high quality residential developments in Europe and Middle East. Including Side Opening blinds to a beach front property in Mediterranean Egypt and a complex Shaped Blind project in Val d ’Isere.
  • Many Shaped Blind projects for Gable End Blinds, Bottom Up Blinds and Bespoke Shaped Glazing for UK based commercial and residential clients.
  • The installation of complex Shaped Motorised atrium blinds 30 meters high for a recent Football Stadium project.

There are not many technical issues that Finnestra cannot solve for either you or your client.

Your shading challenge is our day to day business! 

If it is a large volume project, technically challenging or a single blind that you need guidance or help with, please call Finnestra and we will help you.