Sun Room Roof Case Study

The Client Required A Solution To Reduce Direct Sun Glare. As with many modern homes, sun rooms are now been adapted to daily living spaces to expand on usable space and negate the need to move. To enable this to happen, the client needed a solution to stop the direct sun glare and make the room suitable for a living space.

The customer couldn't use the room for the desired purpose due to the excessive glare and heat throughout the summer months. The customer wanted a minimalistic appearance but with maximum effect.

Using a reflective backing on the fabric, meant that the minimum of heat would penetrate through to the room in the summer but also retain the warmth in the summer. With a clip in installation, there was minimal mess for our customer

The benefits to the client were the ability to open and shut the shades when required reducing heat gain through the summer months, with individual window controls to manage light control.  A sleek and fitted design, installed without the need for any drilling or alterations to the existing window frames and when utilised through the winter months, the window blinds will help to keep in the warmth and reduce energy costs. 

“At Finnestra we have a wealth of experience in designing, planning and installing bespoke blinds for a variety of small and large scale projects. Whether you need something small and simple or something to meet exacting specifications in challenging environments, our team will provide the ideal blinds for you,

WILL MASKELL Finnestra Concept Ltd