Outdoor Printed Blinds Case Study

The client wanted to enclosed an outdoor terrace space with timber doors but faced opposition from the local authority.  Finnestra were tasked with finding a solution which would give the appearance of timber doors without the permanence circumventing the requirement for planning permission.

The Client had a desire to install timber doors to an outside leisure space. Unfortunately for the client the local planning authority rejected this idea and a less permenant solution had to be achieved.

Oversized automated blinds with a high performance fabric printed with "door images" were installed to the outside space. These blinds gave the appearance the client desired and being a temporary solution (demountable) met the local authorities strict rules.

The benefits to the client were a flexible outdoor space was created for use all year around with striking visual effects keeping both the client and the local planning department happy.  The space could become enclosed at the touch of a button.

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